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At Salento Organics we trust in what Mother Earth provides, as simple as that! We don't trust in lab-made foods or highly processed ingredients and neither should you. Humans have lived for thousands of years without the need of creating weird stuff to eat. That's why we bring to you and your 'familia' only fresh wholesome ingredients, which are organically grown and hand picked at small-scale farms located in the Colombian Andes Mountains.

Our 'raices' (roots) are the most important thing for us. Colombia, where the most premium fruits, coffee and cacao in the entire world are harvested from, is our beloved home. We want to share our origins with you and take your tastebuds to our jem called paradise

Salento cares, from pick, to pack, to purchase!

Illustration with "Picked by Hand" tag showing a hand picking a cacao pod from a tree

Farmers First

In a region that has been marred by war and poverty, Salento is making a positive impact. While other brands buy fruit, cacao and coffee in bulk from wholesalers that buy cheap from different farms, regions and countries, we at Salento like to keep it local and engage directly with local farms.

Having a direct and fair trade with farmers is essential to build a more equal and inclusive society. Farmers get to have twice the money in their pockets, for them to re-invest in their land, family and community. That's why we only source our fruits and specialty cacao directly from small-scale farms and microlots accross Colombia.

This allows us to maintain a superior level of control, quality and traceability. Our standards are high: only 100% USDA Organic, Non-GMO Verified Crops, Fair Trade and Premium Single Origin 'Fine Aroma' Colombian Cacao.

Illustration with "Direct Trade" tag showing a local mango farm in Salento

(And Better!)

Our simple approach leads to the sweetest reward! Fruits are naturally sweet, and even sweeter if eaten at peak ripeness. That's why we harvest our fruits at the perfect time and we pass that perfect sweetness on to you, without any artificial additives.

Our chocolate is no different. Our chocolate is made using only ground cacao nibs (fermented and roasted cacao bean hearts) from only 'FINE AROMA' organic Cacao, which is the most premium cacao in the world. Our cacao is sustainably sourced from Colombia, Ecuador and Peru (where Cacao was first discovered). No added preservatives. No chemicals. No junk. It's really that simple.

Just three natural and wholesome ingredients for our chocolate clusters, and only one simple ingredient for our dried fruits. At Salento, we are proving less really is so much more... and tastier!

FRESH From Salento

Salento is a UNESCO magical land in Colombia where the best coffee, cacao, and tropical fruits are sourced. It is located in the foothills of a Volcanic National Park with the tallest palm trees in the world. Since Colombia is the most diverse country in the world, in terms of nature, environment, animals and fruits, and one of the happiest countries on earth, we wanted to share that magic with you!

All our products are certified USDA Organic, using premium fine cacao and the freshest produce. This magical combination led to Salento Organics.

Taste the magic, fresh from the land of Salento!

Illustration with "Proudly Comlombian" tag showing the mountains and palm trees of Salento




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